Labuha is the capital oh Halmahera Selatan district, Maluku Utara Province, Labuha and located in the biggest in Halmahera Selatan, Bacan Island which has fresh air and beautiful natural forest. Labuha City is located on the edge of Mount Sibela and surrounded by sea, forming extraordinary scenery for tourists coming to Labuha.

Moloku Kingdom was settled in 1252 with its first king named Baab Mansur Malamo. In 1930, Maluku Utara was divided into 3 sultanates; they are Ternate, Tidore and Bacan Sultanate. Each sultanate was still divided into some sub-districts led by a Holf under the sultan. Then by the law in 2003 stating about unfoldment of Maluku Utara district, Labuha was granted as the capital of Halmahera Selatan district having 9 sub-districts.

Labuha is served by the Labuha Airport.
Labuha airport serves the Labuha town. It is located just outside the city, and receives flights from Ternate and other nearby islands.

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