Akatajewe Lolobata National Park

Akatajewe Lolobata National Park is located in East Halmahera and Central Halmehera, North Maluku. For those who love nature, this national park is complete package, either to learn, to have fun and to explore everything about nature.

Here, there are million things about plantation and animals that can be observed. In fact, there are some scientist that coming to this forest to find out any things related endemic birds and exotic animals. One of the interesting points to be find out here is Burung Bidadari or Angel Bird, the endemic bird at this island. Bidadari Bird has beautiful and colorful angelic wings that can be stole your heart by sight.

Akatajewe Lolobata was inaugurated since October 18, 2004, that covers 167.300 hectares, or 9% of the entire Halmahera Island. Before heading to the national park, it will be better to visit the official hall that has all information and tips before heading to the location. The office is located in office complex of North Maluku local government in Sofifi. This national park is located in Aketajawe Block (77.100 hectar) and Lolobata Block (90.200 hectar).

There are numbers of flora and fauna that can be found here, like birds and fishes. There 33 types of mammals including Maluku fitch (Phalanger Omatus), deer, boar, weasel, bats and some kinds r rats.

In case of bird habitation, there is report from Burung Indonesia, said that there are at least 104 types of birds in this national park. Among of those types, there are 25 types of endemic bird from North Maluku.

At this national park, there are 53 types of reptile, among others are newt (Varanus Indicus), water Lizard (Hidrosaurus Amboinensis), leaf lizard (Emoina Sorex), Giant Lizard ( Tiliqua Gigas), python, black snake, crocs. Among those 53 types, there are 8 types of reptile that are endemic in North Maluku and 1 endemic in Halmahera Island which is a snake (Tropidonophis punctiventris).

There are 2 routes to go to Aketajawe Lolobata national park; first one is taking speed boat from Subaim village for about 30 minutes or taking a rent car from Subaim and takes 1 hour drive. Second one is taking speedboat from Daru village, for about 40 minutes’ drive.

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