Tobololo Beach

Tobololo is a beach that located on the northern side of Ternate Island, precisely in Tobololo sub-district. We can say that this beach is unspoiled because there is no interference from the local government council, for that is probably the beach is less publicized by the people. Geographically, this beach is being flanked by two islands of Halmahera and Hiri Island. The beach itself has a lot of uniqueness that distinguishes from other beaches. When the water receded, we will be presented with a sea view far more than 50 meter from the coral lips. Meanwhile, when the seawater is tide and the wave is bigger, so we can do surfing (Matoro). Moreover, there is a hotspring that can be enjoying with family or friends with warm-to-hot water inside the pool.

There are many local or Foreign Travellers who still not recognize about the existence of the hot spring source at Tobololo coast, because it is less promote by Ngofa-ngofa Ternate (People of Ternate) especially tobololo People. The water source at this spring is coming from Gamalama Mountain, but we can find it at Tobololo shore as well. There are many points that we can find out where the hot water coming, like in the well, inside the sand and behind the rocks. Uniquely, the taste of Tobololo hot water is remain fresh, although it located within 1 meter from the sea water; this condition happen because of the flowing water that directly coming from Gamalama Mountain to Tobololo beach.

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