Mare Island

Mare Island is an inhabited tiny island that administratively located in South Tidore, Tidore archipelago. At this island there are two villages, that is Marekofo and Maregam village. The main transportation to reach those places is still using sea transportation.

The local people that inhabit Pulau Mare are Tidore tribes; in fact, the status of possession from this island is belonging to the local community by using custom law. Mare Island is a hilly island with some of the area is ramp low land that being used for settlement. The beach profile at this place is rocky and cliff, with some small area with sand. One interesting point from this place is taken from the Kahia Masolo; it more or less like dolphin bay, where there are numbers of dolphin that jumping around and just like greeting those who are in shore.

It is easy to reach Mere Island, because the accessible route today is already in good maintanance, just like having the route to Ternate and Tidore city. To go to Tidore and Ternate, we can reach from Bastiong port in Ternate to Tidore by using regular boat for about Rp. 10.000, or we can spend Rp. 100.000 per boat per trip. From Tidore, passing through public crossing in Tomalou sub-district we can spend Rp. 35.000 per person, other way we can also rent motor boat that belongs to fisherman.

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