Ternate Sultanate Palace

Kedaton Sultanate of Ternate is one of historical sites in Ternate. Inside the palace there are many historical relics that are deliberately displayed to resemble the rooms in the museum. Those historical goods that been displayed, among other things are the cloak gift from the King of Saudi Arabia, the twin palm as a tribute from Raja Sangir to the Sultan of Ternate in 1750, and others. The palace is also store the crown of Sultan. It said that the hair on the crown is continued to grow, although it is not being used. In every morning, on the front page of the palace there will be ceremony to raise three flags, while it decreases at dawn. The procession of raisings and declining the flags is always right to do at 6 am and 6 pm, both during the time of heat or storms.

This palace was built on November 24, 1813 by Sultan Muhammad Ali on the hill Limau Santosa with an area of 44.560 m2. It has ctagonal with two stairs, especially on the left and right front. This building depicts a sitting lion.

Kedaton Region is the first choice of mapping location, the first historical place that been globalized in the past. This region contains not only kedaton building, there are also several important sites, such as empire mosque, Ngara Lamo (a meeting place for tribal councils), Fort Naka, Sunyie Lamo (the main square), Air Sentosa (sacred water). Not only the tangible one (teraga); the important values, important rituals, as well as customary laws are also being targeted mapping.

In the insight of North Maluku community, Ternate Kedaton is an expression of the natural and cultural richness from Maluku Kie Raha in the form of local wisdom, traditions, habits and customs. Those diversities, uniqueness and beauty is not only a cultural asset of North Maluku people but also the people of Indonesia that should be preserved for future heirloom.

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