Kao Ancient Heritage

Kao is an area that located in Kao bay; this site is keep a lot of reliec from World War II and beautiful beach to be visited during holidays. Kao is the main entrance gate to reach North Halmahera, and the inhabitants that live in this area are dominated by Kao tribe, who is also the indigenous people that speak Pagu and Modole native language.

Dating back to the historical background, during 1942 – 1945, Kao was the basic defense for thousands of Japanese soldiers. In fact, after the defeat of Japan in the action of Nugini, Japan troops was retrieve to reconsolidation. Japan finally place their troops for about 42.000 people in Kao, while others are reach 20.000 inside the bay. Ironically, people somehow, at that time called Kao as little Tokyo.

There were 300 bombers that been place in the runway that located at outside Kao and it had been protected by 60 canons, guard lamps and units of war car. Japanese was enjoy their good living moment when rule Kao at ancient time until the end of war time. There were women slaves from Hongkong, China, Java and Manado been placed at “entertainment barrack”. Finally, General Douglas MacArthur chooses Morotai as a milestone for the alliance to defeat Japanese aircraft and they destroy it fast.

Today, there are 4 canons that still stored in this site in the position of facing the sky in order to keep the area save from western side, where the Japan airbase was located. During 1986, one of small area of multi anvil was re-condition and being changed the name as Kuabang Kao, based on the name of local hero that fights against Dutch colonization.

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