Dodola Island

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has tourism potential, some of which are hidden, especially in the tourist area of Eastern Indonesia. One of the tourism potential that can be found in eastern Indonesia is Dodola Island located in the District of Morotai Island, North Maluku Province. Not many people know and understand the beauty of the island stored. The island is very easy to reach from the city Tobelo, the gateway leading to Morotai Islands by sea.

The island is basically divided into two, namely Dodola Besar and Dodola Kecil Island. Interestingly, these two islands will appear separately when the sea level on high tide and will look connected when sea levels receded. The white sand also has two different types that are coarse and fine white sand. But basically the atmosphere in the two islands is quite relaxing and fun, combined with the beautiful scenery that surrounds this island. In addition, there are many exciting activities you can do in this place, such as swimming, diving, fishing and speed boating. Various local tradition events are also commonly held in this place, like the tradition of Buka Panen Wangongira held every June each year and Tradisi Gelaran Timba Laor, a local tradition that is held after every full moon.

On this island there are no fancy facilities like other famous places. No ATM can be found in this location. You should really provide cash to pay a visit to this place. But do not worry as this island still does have a cell phone signal. If you want to spend the night, there are inns available built by the local government.

To visit Dodola Island you can take the flight to Tobelo. From Tobelo city you can go to Port Tobelo to proceed to Port MS Lastori in Daruba town, Morotai using ferry or speedboat. Arriving in Port M.S. Lastori, you can rent katinting boat or speedboat to go directly to the island.

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