North Maluku

North Moluccas is a part of Maluku Island which a province of northeastern Indonesia. The temporary capital is on Ternate. After the government infrastructure and other facilities is built, the government activities will be moved from Ternate to Sofifi. Sofifi is is a village in North Oba district, which is the definitive capital of North Maluku province.

At early begin, before the invasion North Maluku was the biggest four Islamic kingdom on Eastern Nusantara which called as Four Mountain Sultanate in Maluku. Those four are: Bacan, Jailolo, Tidore and Ternate Sultanate. The tourism sector is mostly coming from Halmahera Island which consit of mountainous area.

The regional economics are mainly coming from the people daily life which based on agriculture, fisheries, and other types of sea products. Other economic commodities which have tendency as export products are wood processing, banana plantation, gold mining and Nickel Mining.

The island of North Maluku is geographically formed as volcanic origin. It has shown from Dukono Mountain on Halmahera, Gamalama mount on Ternate that still active and the whole of Tidore consisting of a large strato-volcano. The rain forests of Halmahera, Morotai, the Obi Islands, the Bacan islands and other islands of North Maluku have been described by the World Wildlife Fund as the Halmahera rain forests eco-region.

Moreover, North Maluku is famous as the home of a number of unique plant and animal species unique to the islands, the endemic mammals found here include the Obi Mosaic-tailed Rat (Melomys obiensis), Masked Flying Fox (Pteropus personatus), and three cuscus marsupials, Ornate Cuscus (Phalanger ornatus), the vulnerable Rothschild’s Cuscus (Phalanger rothschildi), and Gebe Cuscus.

The islands are also home to the largest bee in the world Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) and over two hundreds different type of bird is in North Maluku forest. The fauna itself is containing of Anisoptera thurifera, Hopea gregaria, Hopea iriana, Shorea assamica, Shorea montigena, Shorea selanica, and Vatica rassak.

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