Taman Sari in Kraton Sub-District, Yogyakarta Special Region

Almost all tourists would think about Malioboro Tourist Site when spending a vacation in Yogyakarta Special Region. Well, many interesting vacation places are available near there as well. One of them is called Taman Sari. It is located in Patehan Village and belongs to Kraton Sub-District. Moreover, it also resides near to the famous Kraton Palace. In terms of popularity, Taman Sari is known both among local and foreign tourists. People also call it Istana Air or Water Palace, actually. Aside from the beauty, visitors are interested in it due to the history.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Taman Sari is both clean and peaceful. This royal heritage has become a nice place for photography and relaxation over time. In the past, it had only the size of 10 hectares with 57 buildings in it. The function was to accommodate the empress and princesses when it comes to bathing and playing water. Once entering the site, tourists may find several complexes and numerous types of objects. The architecture is splendid and the atmosphere is somehow mystical. According to the locals, the design combines multiple cultures that make it more beautiful and unique.

Exploring Taman Sari in Kraton
Well, it is recommended to come with a tour guide in order to get thorough information regarding Taman Sari. The service would give a detailed history for each part of the site as well, later. In a nutshell, Taman Sari became a recreational place for royal families. Not to mention it functioned as a fort! The construction began in 1758 and it was completed in 1765. Thanks to Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. These days, the site has become a nice place to conduct photography and exploration. What can tourists find there, actually?

The first recommended location to explore is located in the west part of Taman Sari. Tourists may find an artificial lake called Umbul Binangun there! Located next to it, there is an ancient building, which is suitable for sightseeing. The third recommended spot is located in the south part of the artificial lake. They are Garjitawati Pond and Pasarean Ledok Sari. Another good spot is located in none other than an artificial island featuring a bridge and canals. Make sure to explore them all!

Have no worries. More attractive objects are available in Taman Sari, including a mosque and underground passageway. Well, even though tourists can freely conduct photography during the exploration, they are not allowed to litter or spoil the environment. Also, everyone should come at the right time. For a more peaceful nuance, it is recommended to come during regular or working days instead of weekends.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists can simply take an airplane service at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Adisucipto Airport right away. This flight takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Later, after arriving at Yogyakarta City, tourists only need to take Raya Solo – Yogyakarta Street and head to Taman Sari directly. This trip takes approximately 33 minutes, as the distance is 12.2 km. One thing, it becomes slower during the high traffic.

Where to Stay

  • Roso Homestay
  • Omah Konco Yogyakarta
  • Pelangi Hotel

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