Beringharjo Market in Gondomanan Sub-District, Yogyakarta Special Region

A vacation in Yogyakarta City gives a new experience to most people, especially those who love culture and good foods. The good thing is that the region also offers some great places for shopping and finding high-quality products or souvenirs. As for the reference, there is Beringharjo Market, which is located in the famous Malioboro Tourist Area. The exact location is in Ngupasan Village and it belongs to Gondomanan Sub-District. This market has become a center of local economic activity for hundreds of years. Not to mention it owns a philosophical value to both locals and tourists.

The Nuance
Beringharjo Market has an excellent popularity among both locals and tourists, as it becomes one of the most important pillars in Yogyakarta City, especially in terms of economy. No wonder, the number of visitors is considered high and the market is always crowded. It consists of several areas, offering various types of products to visitors. That means tourists can simply eat snacks, drink beverages, buy antiques, clothes, and much more! The best part is they can get a cheaper price by bargaining. Plus, the rural nuance would soothe everyone during the visit.

Exploring Beringharjo Market
Let’s explore Beringharjo Market thoroughly. In some cases, though, tourists must come with a local guide in order to explore the site in an efficient manner. The crowd and vastness of the market would confuse them, somehow. Both in front and back of the market, visitors may find lots of local snack and food vendors. Various types of traditional foods and drinks are available in those areas. These include nagasari, bakpia, brem, ting-ting, coffee, ginger, tea, ronde, and much more!

The next recommended location to explore is the second floor in the east part of the market. In this area, tourists would find numerous types of herbs and spices which are often used to make Jamu. Is that all? Well, Beringharjo Market is also known for its Batik clothes. Thus, it becomes a recommended site to buy some of those beautiful clothes and accessories like sarong, blangkon, surjan, etc. As compared to other places, this market offers a cheaper price for sure.

What is more? The market offers lots of antiques for tourists to buy. The exact location is on the third floor at the east part of the building. One thing, these old items cost more than other products, so tourists must prepare more money to buy some later. Another tip is to walk carefully when exploring the market due to the crowd. It even feels so hot inside at noon!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from outside Yogyakarta City, they must consider taking an airplane to get there. Here is an example. A flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta City) to Adisucipto Airport would take about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once tourists arrive at Yogyakarta, their destination would be Gondomanan Sub-District where Beringharjo Market is located. They can simply take a local transportation service and use Raya Solo – Yogyakarta Street & Laksda Adisucipto Street to reach the site. The distance is 9.3 km, so the trip takes approximately 25 minutes or less.

Where to Stay

  • The Packer Lodge
  • Intan Hotel
  • Harum II Hotel

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