Gudeg Traditional Food of Yogyakarta Special Region

When people talk about Yogyakarta, they may think several things including the most famous traditional food called Gudeg. After all, visiting the region feels incomplete without buying this delicious sweet dish. The prime ingredient is young jackfruit and it uses lots of coconut milk as well. One thing, it takes lots of time to cook the dish. The brown color of the dish comes from teak leaves, used during the cooking procedure. The food also comes with rice and numerous side dishes like eggs, krecek, local chicken, and special dressing called Areh.

Where to Get It
Well, Gudeg is Yogyakarta’s special food, so tourists can find it easily during the visit. This also explains why people call it the City of Gudeg. Visitors or tourists can get the food either at local eateries or restaurants. Some places are famous enough and have been recognized even by foreigners, in fact. These include Yu Djum, Hj Ahmad, Narni, and much more. People don’t even need to get the help of a local guide to find the location. Lots of local people also sell Gudeg on the roadside and other strategic places. For the information, it is best to get the food in the morning where many local sellers operate.

More about Gudeg Traditional Food
Before hunting this unique traditional food, tourists must know several types of it first. Commonly, there are three types. The first one is called Gudeg Kering or the dry one. The dressing is denser and the jackfruit is darker. The second one is called Gudeg Basah or the wet one. The dressing is less dense and the jackfruit is paler. Another one is called Gudeg Solo that comes with a white dressing. All of the types come with similar side dishes including the rice, though. Not to mention it comes with spicy krecek.

As for the taste, Gudeg is indeed sweet but it also has a spicy taste due to the presence of Krecek. Aside from the unique taste, this food also comes with an excellent packaging. Usually, the sellers use a bamboo packaging but some others also use a clay kendil. For the best nuance to eat the food, though, tourists should find a nice place. Here is the reference. The area is called Wijilan and it resides near to Alun-Alun Utara Square. Also, it is recommended to visit it at night!

Well, tourists can also learn about the history of Gudeg when visiting Yogyakarta Special Region later. According to the locals, the food has been the part of the region since the first Batavia conflict. No official information is available, though. Tourists only know how unique and tasty the food is. No wonder, everyone won’t miss to buy or try some while spending a vacation in Yogyakarta.

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How to Get There
For outsiders, it is recommended to take an airplane in order to reach Yogyakarta City. It is the fastest method, after all. Here is an example. Tourists would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes if they come from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport). Once they arrive at Adisucipto International Airport, they can simply find a local guide who can show the best places to buy and eat Gudeg. In this case, everyone should carry enough money to pay for the service and buy the food!

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  • Garuda Hotel

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