Torosiaje Tourism Site

Torosiaje Tourism site is located in District Popayato, Pohuwatu regency. From the city of Gorontalo, the distance is only about 270 km to the crossing of the Trans Sulawesi.

After arrival at Popayato, followed by a boat trip for Torosiaje is above the sea or about 600 meters from the beach.

During fifteen minutes of sailing, you are instantly greeted by the stilt houses that stand on the water with a height of up to 2 to 3 meters that belong to Bajo people. All houses in Bajo village have U-shaped ornaments were very simple and overlooking the bay of Tomini. Torosiaje is the number one tourist village in Gorontalo and it opens to anyone who comes.

If we take the night travel to reach Torosiaje is just like the firefly that went into the lights over the dark night sky. We can use Leppa or a small boat that belongs to Bajo people and it can contain only 8 people. All boats that come to Torosiaje are considered coming from the backyard.

Bajo people always assume the vast ocean is the main terrace of life. To get to the 'square' in the middle Torosiaje, each boat will down into the alley between the houses to pass under the bridge that decorated with a small board written "Welcome to Bajo".

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