Batudaa Beach in Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province

Gorontalo Province can be a great place to spend a memorable vacation with families or alone. When it comes to tourist spots, the best ones would be beaches! Here is an example. In Batuda Pantai Sub-District, tourists would find Batudaa Beach. The locals also call it Dulanga Beach, actually. Not to mention it is one of the newest vacation spots in Gorontalo, so tourists can expect a clean environment and comfy nuance on the beach. Plus, the location is not quite far from the village. That means tourists can easily go back and forth easily later.

The Nuance
Well, Dulanga or Batudaa Beach is considered a new vacation spot in Gorontalo Province. Thus, tourists may expect a neat and perfect environment there. The location is near to the local village, so it comes with nice accessibility and facilities. For instance, visitors may see a sturdy pier in that area. The sea looks calm and several boats are seen on the horizon. Next, the beach is flanked by majestic green hills! No wonder, the waves are small, so it is good for simple snorkeling and swimming. The next amusing feature is the presence of soft-textured white sandy shoreline, which is suitable for beach walking!

Exploring Batudaa Beach
Once arriving at Batudaa or Dulanga Beach, tourists can either explore the site right away or take a rest for a while. As for tourist activities, it can be many things including relaxation. Visitors only need to find the right and most comfortable spot to enjoy the nuance, after all. It can be either under trees or beside the shore. One thing, relaxation should be done only during good weather. The purpose is to avoid rain and uncomfortable heat of the sun.

The next recommended thing to do in Batudaa Beach is photography or sightseeing. In this case, the best spot to use is on the pier. From that location, tourists would be able to witness the vast sea and various types of attractive objects. These include boats and fishermen. Have no worries. Tourists can enjoy fishing, too, as long as they carry the equipment. The most recommended spot for fishing is definitely at the pier. Once again, it must be done during good weather!

What is more? Tourists have other reasons for visiting Batudaa Beach. For instance, they want to enjoy the trip. After all, it takes some time to reach the beach, especially those coming from Gorontalo City. Along the way, they may see beautiful green hills and eating places, moreover. Thus, it is better to take a rest and enjoy some traditional foods before reaching the beach. Don’t forget to bring extra money, therefore.

Nearby Attractions

  • Otanaha Fort
  • Biluhu Timur Beach
  • Pasir Putih Beach

How to Get There
For those coming from the capital of Indonesia (Jakarta City), they need to use an airplane in order to reach Gorontalo City. For the information, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Jalaluddin Airport would take around 3 hours. Next, once arriving at the airport, they should take Isimu – Gorontalo Street and head to Batudaa Beach directly. The distance is 35.8 km, so the trip may take around 1 hour and 6 minutes.

For those coming from Gorontalo City, in this case, they only need to take Usman Isa Street and get to the beach right away. The distance is 28.6 km, so the trip may take about 1 hour and 7 minutes, at least.

Where to Stay

  • Family Homestay

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