A Serene and Beautiful Limboto Lake in Gorontalo

Sulawesi Island always has something interesting for tourists. For example, in Gorontalo Province, there is the famous Limboto Lake, which is suitable for numerous activities like fishing, boat riding, photography, sightseeing, and much more! As the name suggests, the lake resides in Limboto Sub-District and has become one of the prime tourist sites in that region. The lake has some unique features, as well. For instance, it connects directly to the sea! Not to mention it becomes the habitat of numerous birds and fishes. According to the locals, the lake also becomes an estuary of about 23 rivers!

The Nuance

In terms of nuance, Limboto Lake is considered serene despite the high number of visitors. The popularity is excellent, after all. During weekends, lots of locals gather on the site in order to enjoy various activities. Several boats are also seen on the lake. On the horizon, tourists can even see a majestic mountain and other amazing views! For the information, the lake has a depth of about 5-8 meters. However, due to natural causes, the depth and size decrease gradually! This is why the local government gives special attention to the lake these days.

Exploring Limboto Lake

Well, tourists can do lots of things in Limboto Lake. For example, they can enjoy fishing along with the locals. It is because the number of fishes is abundant! That means everyone can easily catch lots of fishes there. Next, even though swimming is rare, visitors are allowed to get in the lake and enjoy the activity. As an alternative, they can simply watch a local boat race during the special time. Tourists must come at the right time, though. Therefore, they must gather information regarding the schedule first before visiting the lake.

The next common activity to do in Limboto Lake is eating together either with friends or families. Visitors can simply buy fresh fishes from local fishermen and grill these directly. In order to avoid hassles, they can buy the cooked ones, which are provided by the locals. Have no worries. The price is considered cheap or affordable. The only problem is that the lake doesn’t come with sophisticated facilities. Thus, tourists must find a good spot and roll out a mat for eating by the lake.

What is more? Limboto Lake is, somehow, has an interesting history for tourists to learn during the visit. It is said the first president of Indonesia once arrived on the site with his amphibian plane in 1950. This explains why tourists may find Pendaratan Soekarno Museum, located nearby. Therefore, everyone should not miss the chance to drop by at the museum after exploring the lake later.

How to Get There

It is easy to get to Limboto Lake, as long as tourists have arrived in Gorontalo Province. For outsiders, in this case, they must take an airplane to get to Gorontalo comfortably. From Jakarta City, for example, tourists can get the service at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Jalaluddin Airport directly. This flight may take at least about 3 hours. Next, once arriving at the airport, they can take Isimu – Gorontalo and Batu Doa Street. The destination is none other than Limboto Sub-District where the lake is located. The distance is 18.6 km so this trip may take around 30 minutes.

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