Olele Marine Park, The Gorontalo’s Hidden Paradise

Better known as Gorontalo’s hidden paradise, Olele marine park is one of magnificent tourism objects in Gorontalo. It located in Olele village, Kabila Bone sub-district, Gorontalo.

There are just so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for holiday, the beauty of its nature, the culture and not forget to mention, the friendly people. Mountains, hills, shore line are the main characteristic of Gorontalo and it makes the island perfect for marine tourism.

To reach Olele, it only takes 20 km from downtown Gorontalo. We can take 40-50 minute driving to Olele beach or take speedboat from Gorontalo Harbor to Olele, and it only takes 10 minute, it way too short then driving car.

Travelers who want to snorkel in Olele,there are snorkeling equipment rentals that affordable for Rp 50,000 for one person, consisting of a snorkel, frog legs, and goggles (mask). For those who like diving should bring tools of Gorontalo city since at Olele, there is no supplied diving equipment available. There are few places in Gorontalo, that provide diving equipment rental with regular cost for about Rp. 250,000 per full set.

Olele has uniqueness characteristic, which save coral reefs very easily to enjoyed, even by a beginner diver. In general, there are two types of coral reefs in Olele depth; shallow and deep coral reefs. On a shallow coral reef has a depth of 0.5-1 meters above sea level. With such depth, it is very easy to enjoy the view of the coral reefs using a snorkel.

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