Indonesian Popular Tradition

Indonesia, is the biggest archipelago country in the world and it consists of hundred of islands, tribes and custom. Among those diversities, Indonesia has traditions and rituals that already popular worldwide. Let say Karapan Sapi in Madura or Kasada ceremony in Bromo Mountain, many tourists will purposely come to see the ceremony during the time.

Here are rituals or ceremonies that popular in Indonesia, even worldwide:

1. Tiwah Ritual – Central Kalimantan

Tiwah Ritual is a procession to deliver the ancestor spirit and relatives who passed away to the afterlife through a place named Sandung. Tiwah Ritual becomes the annual tourism object that uniquely popular among foreign tourists, and it be done by the inhabitants of Dayak tribe.

2. Kebo-keboan – Banyuwangi

Kebo means bull; this ceremony is an annual procession that being held by Alasmalang citizens. At early begin, this ceremony  was held to invoke the fall of rain during droughts, in order to help the farmer to crops instantly.

The peak of this ceremony is when the farmer plowing the field and plant the seed. The people who acting like a bull can be trance and chasing after the people who try to steal the seed.

3. Adu Kerbau (Mapasilaga Tedong) – Toraja

This ritual is about the Bull, which is an albino bull from Toraja. The bull will be pitted and slaughtered by using ritual from Toraja tribe, Ma’tinggoro tedong, which using cleaver in one shot.

4. Rambu Solo – Toraja

Rambu Solo is a tradition during grief and death. This is a kind of party for the lost that being held by the family or relatives to honor the deceased. After running for some procession, the deceased will be carried by using Tongkonan, a traditional wooden house from Toraja, to the grave that located in the cliff and cave. The grave cliff is being called as Londa.

5. Pasola – Sumba

This is one of rituals by Sumba people that being held during February and March. There will be series of ceremonies  to beg the bless to the god, in order to gain success in harvest time. Pasola means war; there will be 2 groups of men in the horses that clashing the spear.

6. Dugderan – Semarang

Dugderan is a ceremony welcoming Ramadhan and fasting month. It is held a day before the fasting month started. The word dugder is taken from the sound of  ‘dugdug’ of the canon. There will be pasar malam or night market and carnival and other fanfare to celebrate this holy month.

7. Tabuik – Pariaman

Tabuik is taken from the words Tabut, which means parade. The ceremony of Tabuik is a tradition from the society in west coast, West Sumatra, that being held hereditary to commemorate Asyura day in 10 Muharram.

8. Makepung – Bali.

Makepung, means chasing after. This is a tradition from Balinese, which is a bull race in Jembrana, Bali.
9. Atraksi Debus – Banten

Debus is an attraction from Banten, which is also kind of traditional martial art. This attraction is using weapon and will be doing by professional player.  This traditional art growing since hundred times ago and being use as missionary for spreading religion, and during the Dutch colonization, it used to fight the Dutch.

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