Bubohu Village in Batudaa Pantai Sub-District, Gorontalo Province

Even though Gorontalo Province is less popular than Bali and other famous provinces in Indonesia, it indeed offers amazing things that tourists can enjoy during the visit. For instance, the region is known for its beautiful beaches and small islands. Aside from these, tourists may find some interesting rural areas to explore, including the one called Bubohu Village. This place indeed has a pristine environment, which is suitable for relaxation. Tourists can also meet villagers and learn several things from them. Plus, the village is also recognized for its religious ambiance!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, as people may expect, Bubohu Village offers a calm and peaceful ambiance. The village is surrounded by various plants and trees, as well. This explains why the atmosphere feels shady and refreshing. Plus, villagers take good care of the environment. This explains why the village looks neat and clean. No trash is seen there! Next, the village is also famous for its Wamboho, which are traditional huts where the locals live. Also, as mentioned before, the site offers a religious nuance, as the location is within an Islamic boarding school.

Exploring Bubohu Village
The prime allure in Bubohu Village is definitely the rural nuance. Tourists want to feel both the serenity and comfy ambiance of the village, after all. At least, they can feel a different experience than living in a city. Well, aside from relaxation, visitors can also conduct exploration. They simply get around the village and conduct sightseeing during the exploration. Have no worries. The size of the village is small, so tourists don’t need to hire a local guide in order to explore it thoroughly.

Another name is Bongo Village, but people usually call it Bubohu. As mentioned earlier, tourists are likely to visit the village for exploration and relaxation. Actually, these people also come to the location for photography! They want to take photos of the famous local huts or Wamboho. Not to mention they want to take photos along with villagers! Have no worries. People who live in Bubohu Village are quite friendly to outsiders. Thus, it would be easy to approach them.

Bubohu Village is also known for its religious atmosphere. Lots of kids come outside the region in order to learn Islam in that area, after all. Thus, tourists have the chance to visit the Islamic boarding house, too, later. Also, they can approach villagers and ask regarding the history of the village. In fact, it is related closely to the Gorontalo Kingdom! Don’t forget to acquire worthy knowledge during the visit, therefore.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists can simply take Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Jalaluddin Airport at Gorontalo Province right away. During good weather, this flight may take about 3 hours. Next, after arriving at the airport, they can use Batu Doa Street and head to Bubohu Village, which is located in Batudaa Pantai Sub-District. The distance is 39.5 km so this trip may take at least about 1 hour and 18 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • New Melati Hotel

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