Diyonumo Island in North Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province

Gorontalo Province is known for both its history and beautiful beaches, isn’t it? Well, the region also has many stunning islands for tourists to explore, in fact. One of them is located in North Gorontalo Regency, which is called Diyonumo Island. This popular island resides in Deme II Village and belongs to Sumalata Sub-District, actually. Despite the popularity, the island is rarely visited by tourists. This is why the serenity is suitable for relaxation and lessening. Some people also visit it for camping, fishing, exploration, and water sports, actually. Here is more information about the island.

The Nuance
Surrounded by white sandy shorelines, Diyonumo Island never fails to amuse visitors. As mentioned before, the nuance feels so peaceful there. That means only some people are seen on this small island. Next, the island features a grassy hill, where many camping spots are located. Many coconut trees and small trees also grow on the island. With these features, everyone can enjoy a small adventure in a peaceful manner, for sure! Not to mention the sea looks alluring with its calm deep blue character. Lots of small sea creatures can be found down there including squids and tropical fishes!

Exploring Diyonumo Island
Diyonumo Island holds a hidden beauty. No wonder, more people are interested in exploring the island regardless of the time of the visit. Also, the locals call it a virgin island due to the absence of buildings and facilities. As for tourist activities, the most common one is beach walking. The length of the shoreline lures tourists to explore it while watching sea scenery, after all. Thanks to the soft texture. People can even conduct beach walking without wearing any footwear.

The next thing to enjoy while exploring Diyonumo Island is eating together. This can be done either with friends or families! However, tourists should carry both the ingredients and equipment to the location. They can’t find any services or facilities, after all. Another important consideration is about the environment. No one is allowed to litter! After eating, tourists should put the trash in the plastic back and bring it back to the port. They can throw the trash to the bin later.

What is more? Diyonumo Island is suitable for trekking and camping, as well. It is because the island features a small grassy hill for everyone to explore. On top of the hill, tourists can build a tent and spend the night, too. At night, they can grill some fishes and squids! Once again, littering is prohibited, so everyone should not break this important rule.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Thos coming from Jakarta City must take an airplane and head to Gorontalo Province right away. For the information, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Jalaluddin Airport may take around 3 hours at least. Next, from the airport, they need to take Buol – Gorontalo Street and head to Deme Beach. The distance is 74.7 km so this trip may take around 1 hour and 48 minutes. From the beach, they must get a boat service and reach the island directly. This voyage usually takes around 1 hour!

Where to Stay

  • Fitria Homestay

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