Botutonua Beach in Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province

Gorontalo Province is surrounded by astonishing beaches. One of them is located in Bone Bolango Regency, which is called Botutonuo Beach! Well, as the name suggests, the beach resides in Botutonnuo Village and is considered a perfect vacation spot to spend a family recreation. The reason is that the beach has more features and sophisticated facilities than others. Thus, visitors can feel more comfortable when exploring the beach regardless of the time of the visit. Here is a unique thing. The beach comes with tens of passages in order to access the location. Not to mention the location is not quite far from the village.

The Nuance
Botutonuo Beach is considered the most comfortable beach for relaxation and family recreation. The first impressive feature is definitely the beautiful golden soft-textured shoreline. Tourists don’t even need to wear footwear when exploring the shoreline, in fact. Next, the beach features many colorful gazebos for relaxation. Plus, located in the back of the gazebos, many shady palm trees grow neatly. The presence of those trees creates a shady ambiance to the site, as well. What is more? The sea is quite safe for swimming due to its small waves! Thus, the location is suitable for water sports like swimming and snorkeling, therefore.

Exploring Botutonua Beach
As the name suggests, the beach resides in Botutonnuo Village. That means tourists only need to park their vehicle at the village and walk to the shoreline directly. The beach is covered by shady coconut trees, so it looks a little bit secluded. Also, tourists won’t be able to notice it from the highway. Despite the fact, both the nuance and ambiance are quite comfy. For the information, there are lots of accesses in order to reach the beach! Thus, tourists won’t feel stuffy even though they come during the holidays.

As for tourist activities, the most common one is beach walking. Thanks to the perfect sandy shoreline. Everyone can walk on it barefoot, in fact! For the information, the shoreline has a length of about 1 km. Thus, it is able to accommodate lots of visitors at once! Aside from beach walking, tourists can also take advantage of the calm sea for swimming and snorkeling. The water feels warm and the clarity is moderate. What tourists need are the right gears in order to enjoy the activity.

The west part of the shoreline, tourists may find a soft-textured white sandy shoreline. On the other hand, in the east part, the beach features lots of small stones and gravels. Therefore, the best location for beach walking is indeed located in the west part. Next, visitors must take advantage of available huts for relaxation and rest! However, it costs some money to rent one. Another recommended expense is the local boat! This way, tourists can explore the sea comfortably by it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Those who come from Jakarta City must consider taking an airplane in order to get to Gorontalo Province in an efficient manner. For the information, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (Jakarta) to Jalaluddin Airport may take about 3 hours. Next, from the airport, tourists should take Batu Doa Street and head to Botutonua Beach directly. The distance is 45.9 km, so the trip would take about 1 hour and 33 minutes.

For those coming from Gorontalo City or the capital only need to take Laksamana Martadinata and Trans Sulawesi Street in order to reach the beach. In this case, the trip may take about 36 minutes, as the distance is 16.6 km.

Where to Stay

  • Century Beach Resort
  • New Melati Hotel

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