Ayuhulalo Waterfall in Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province

Gorontalo Province is considered popular when it comes to tourism. Well, at least many tourists have already recognized some allures like beautiful beaches, small islands, and interesting local cultures. Well, the region even has many serene waterfalls to explore! One of them is located in Tilamuta Sub-District in Boalemo Regency, which is called Ayuhulalo Waterfall. As the name suggests, the waterfall resides in Ayuhulalo Village! Being one of the best natural attractions in Boalemo, the waterfall completes other vacation spots like Nantu and Polohungo Waterfall. However, the location is on a mountain. That means tourists need to undergo short trekking in order to reach the site.

The Nuance
As mentioned above, Ayuhulalo Waterfall resides on a highland. It takes some time and efforts in order to get there, indeed. In terms of nuance, the site has a peaceful and refreshing ambiance. It is because the waterfall is flanked by two big cliffs and bushy plants. Along the way to the location, moreover, tourists won’t find any buildings and trash! This pristine environment definitely helps visitors to get rid of stresses. Plus, the fresh and rejuvenating mountain air would soother everyone’s mind.

Exploring Ayuhulalo Waterfall
The first thing to enjoy when visiting Ayuhulalo Waterfall is the trip itself. It is because tourists need to undergo trekking in order to reach the location. While heading to the site, they may see various mountain plants and trees, as well. Not to mention they need to conquer challenging landscapes including rocky surfaces and slippery rocks. In order to avoid problems, in this case, everyone should wear proper footwear. Somehow, it is recommended to come with a guide who knows the route well.

Once getting near to the location, tourists may hear a loud noise of gurgling water. Later, once arriving on the site, a tall and majestic waterfall would astonish all visitors. The strong water discharge flows down beautifully from the top of the hill. Due to such stunning appearance, the waterfall often becomes an object for photography, too! Tourists simply take photos of the waterfall either from afar or in front of it. One thing, it is not recommended to take a shower or bathe there! It is because water discharge is too strong!

The next recommended thing to do in Ayuhulalo Waterfall is none other than exploration. The location is near to a local forest where lots of local exotic animals live. The most popular one is indeed Maleo birds and Tarsius. For lucky people, they can even approach these animals and take photos with them. Therefore, don’t forget to carry cameras later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tilamuta Square
  • Bolihutuo Beach
  • Pulo Cinta

How to Get There
For outsiders, the best transportation to use in order to get to Gorontalo Province would be an airplane. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Jalaluddin Airport in Gorontalo would take around 3 hours. Next, once arriving at the airport, tourists can simply take Trans Sulawesi Street and head to Boalemo Regency where the waterfall is located. The distance is 78.3 km so this trip may take around 2 hours and 2 minutes at least.

Where to Stay

  • Putera Tunggal Hotel
  • Grand Amalia Hotel

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