Marisa City in Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province

An exploration in Gorontalo Province is indeed worth the time and efforts, especially for those who love adventures. It is because the region has many interesting places and spots to visit, including several cities. For example, there is Marisa City! For the information, Marisa is the capital of Pohuwato Regency and it has become one of the most significant cities in Gorontalo. In fact, it has acquired Adipura Honour along with Limboto City. In terms of tourism, the city offers numerous vacation spots including natural attractions and mangroves! Thus, all tourists must not forget to get there when exploring Gorontalo later.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, like other big cities, Marisa is considered crowded. However, not many foreign tourists and outsiders are seen during regular days. Despite the fact, its popularity is not poor. This explains why the local government has built many accommodations including hotels and restaurants there. The purpose is to facilitate visitors and lure more tourists who come from outside the region. Here is the tip. Tourists must avoid visiting Marisa City between December and March. The purpose is to avoid heavy rains that may disturb the vacation.

Exploring Marisa City
Some tourists may wonder what they can do in Marisa City. Well, it is because first-timers don’t have enough information regarding the city’s allures. In this case, the most recommended thing to do would be a natural exploration. To be exact, tourists must get to the nearby mangrove forests and conduct an adventure there. It is true that Marisa City is known for its lush mangrove trees. During the exploration, visitors would be able to conduct other things, as well. For instance, they can relax and enjoy the nuance, surrounded by mangroves!

For a better experience, tourists must carry a camera when exploring the mangroves site. The purpose is to take photos of the trees and all available interesting objects there. For lucky people, in fact, they would be able to take photos of local birds that live in that location. Sometimes, several small monkeys are also seen there! Don’t forget to approach and capture their pictures! As for the tip, it is recommended to visit the site only during good weather.

What is more? Visiting Marisa City would be a new experience for many tourists. Aside from exploration, in this case, visitors should take advantage of the local foods! That means they can enjoy delicious culinary during the visit. Marisa has many local eateries that provide Gorontalo’s famous dishes like Ayam Iloni, Binte Biluhuta, Sabongi Cake, Tili Aya, Ilabulo, and many more!

Nearby Attractions

  • Pohon Cinta Beach
  • Panua Monument
  • Lahe Island

How to Get There
A flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City to Jalaluddin Airport at Gorontalo Province may take around 3 hours. Later, after arriving at the airport, tourists must take Trans Sulawesi Street and head to Marisa City at Pohuwato Regency right away. The distance is 129 km so the trip may take about 2 hours and 55 minutes. For another example, a trip from Gorontalo City to Marisa City may take around 3 hours and 10 minutes. It is because the distance is 129 km. As for the best route, it would be Trans Sulawesi Street, too.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Permai
  • Golden Sri Hotel
  • Citra Mandiri

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