Olele Marine National Park in Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province

Most tourists would think about beaches when they come to Gorontalo Province. Well, the region offers more than that, in fact! One of the best allures would be Olele Marine National Park, which is located in Bone Bolango Regency. It resides in Poduoma Village of Olele Sub-District and has become a wonderful place to enjoy the underwater beauty. Tourists can also watch various species of sea creatures and corals while diving and snorkeling! Due to its popularity, it even has been attracting more foreigners over time. No wonder, it has become one of the most significant tourist sites in Sulawesi Island!

The Nuance
Olele Marine National Park has different beautiful landscapes to explore. These include shorelines and diving spots. As for the beaches, tourists may find stunning white sandy landscapes there. What about the sea? Once getting in the water, divers would feel comfortable due to the warm water. Not to mention the clarity is excellent and the current is weak. Here is the best thing. Tourists would see lots of colorful corals down there. Plus, beautiful fishes would accompany them while diving or snorkeling.

Exploring Olele Marine National Park
There is only one common reason for visiting Olele Marine National Park. It is either for diving or snorkeling. After all, the site is known for its amazing underwater sea scenery! However, in order to enjoy diving properly, tourists must give some efforts. First, they must reach Olele Beach. They can drop by for a while at the beach or directly head to the diving spot by boat, actually. Usually, most tourists would spend some time on the beach for beach walking and sightseeing first before heading to the diving spot.

After getting the boat service and an instructor, everyone can get to the diving spot right away. Have no worries. Even beginners are able to enjoy the activity. Thanks to the help of the instructor. For the information, beginners should start at the easiest diving area first. Not only the sea is shallower, but the currents are weaker there. However, the richness is inferior to those of difficult diving spots. Therefore, a professional diver has a bigger advantage in enjoying the activity!

Olele Marine National Park has several superb diving spots, featuring various sea landscapes and creatures. Some of the best choices are Coral Pole, Goa Jin, and Salvador Dali. Only experienced divers have the guts to explore these, though. It is because both the depth and difficulties are quite challenging. As for the preparation, hiring an instructor and carrying a water-proof camera is a must!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is easy to get to Olele Marine National Park, as long as tourists have arrived at Gorontalo Province. Well, for outsiders, the most recommended way is indeed by airplane. For instance, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Jalaluddin Airport may take about 3 hours. Next, tourists can take Trans Sulawesi Street and head to the national park directly. The distance is 54.4 km so this trip would take around 1 hour and 39 minutes.

From Gorontalo City, for another example, tourists can simply take the same road (Trans Sulawesi Street) and head to the national park right away. The distance is 25.1 km so the trip may take about 49 minutes, at least.

Where to Stay

  • Century Beach Resort

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