Dunu Beach in North Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province

When people talk about Gorontalo Province, they are likely to discuss beaches. It is because the region is surrounded by astonishing beaches including the one called Dunu Beach. This one is located in North Gorontalo Regency and is chosen as a recommended place for beach walking and relaxation. Some tourists also come to the location in order to enjoy diving, though. They take advantage of the pristine and clear sea in order to enjoy sea exploration to their heart’s content. Moreover, the difficulty is considered easy for beginners. Everyone only needs to wear proper gear in order to enjoy snorkeling safely later.

The Nuance
It would take much time to describe Dunu Beach due to its richness in natural features. First, the beach comes with a curvy light-brown sandy shoreline. The texture is soft, as well, so everyone can enjoy beach walking comfortably. Next, the beach has lots of dry and green floras in the back. These include tall coconut trees that provide shadiness to the site. As for the sea, the waves are moderate. Even though swimming and snorkeling are allowed, everyone should do it carefully!

Exploring Dunu Beach
Dunu Beach is considered one of the best natural attractions in Gorontalo Province, especially in North Gorontalo. As for tourist activities, visitors usually conduct beach walking there. They are impressed by the flawless light brown shoreline, after all. Due to the soft texture, everyone doesn’t even need to wear footwear while beach walking! Have no worries. The shoreline is considered short, so tourists won’t need to spend much time and stamina in order to explore it thoroughly. Here is the tip. Beach waking should be done either in the morning or afternoon for the best nuance and more comfortable atmosphere.

The next allure that tourists can enjoy in Dunu Beach is definitely the natural beauty. They don’t have to conduct beach walking in order to enjoy such beauty, in fact. That means tourists can simply sit on the shoreline while gazing on the horizon. For the best experience, though, it is recommended to carry a camera and take some photos! Some great objects to capture are the sea, trees, shoreline, hills, and other visitors. Here is the tip. The best time to conduct sightseeing and photography is indeed in the dusk or during sunset!

The next recommended thing to do in Dunu Beach is related to water sports. As mentioned before, the waves are moderate, but the sea is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. The only consideration is related to the equipment. Due to the absence of facilities and services, tourists must carry their snorkeling or diving gear. As an alternative, they can simply swim comfortably during the low tide.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For outsiders or those living outside Gorontalo Province, it is recommended to reach the region by airplane. For instance, a flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Jalaluddin Airport would take about 3 hours at least. Next, from the airport, tourists should take Buol – Gorontalo Street and head to Dunu Beach directly. The distance is 60.8 km, so the trip may take about 1 hour and 28 minutes.

From Gorontalo City, as another example, tourists can simply take Trans Sulawesi and Buol Gorontalo Street in order to reach the beach efficiently. This trip usually takes around 2 hours and 12 minutes, as the distance is 87.6 km.

Where to Stay

  • Fitria Homestay

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