Dunu Beach

Dunu beach is located in the district of North Gorontalo. The beach is not only a destination for North Gorontalo people to spend a long holiday or weekend but also people from outside North Gorontalo is also know this beach and come to enjoy time.

This beach with friendly waves is often used by tourists for swimming, playing sand, chatting with family, taking photographs, or just sitting and waiting for sunset arrives. At Dunu beach there is no proper facilities, so if you want to visit, you should bring all your own purposes and belongings for any importance.

The access to this beach is so easy. The beach is not far from Gorontalo, it only about 1.5-2 hours driving. Located in Dunu Village, Anggrek regency, North Gorontalo District, this beach can be achieved by using two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels.

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