Dulohupa Custom House

Dulohupa custom house is located in the Village Limba, Kota Selatan District, Gorontalo. Among the residents of Gorontalo the house is also called Yiladia Dulohupa Lo Ulipu Hulondhalo. This traditional house has stage-shaped with body that made of boards and the roof structure nuanced as Gorontalo area. Besides, the traditional house Dulohupa is also features wooden pillars as a decoration and a symbol of the traditional house. It also has two staircases that located to the left and right of the house and become the symbol of traditional ladder or it been called as tolitihu.

Dulohupa custom house in Gorontalo is built on the principles and beliefs. The roof from this Dulohupa traditional house is made of best straw and shaped like a saddle that is a triangular roof duplex depicting the the Shari'a and the custom of indigenous people of Gorontalo. The roof top illustrates the trust of Gorontalo people to the Almighty God and religion, which is the primary importance upon the other. Meanwhile, the bottom roof of this house is describing the customs and culture. On the first peak of the roof there are two crossed sticks mounted on roof tops or called Talapua. Gorontalo residents believe that Talapua can ward off spirits - demons, but as the development of Islamic belief, now Talapua is not installed again.

On the front wall of the house there is Tange lo bu'ulu that hanging beside the entrance of Dulohupa traditional house. Tange lo bu'ulu illustrates gorontalo population welfare. While the inside of the traditional house style Dulohupa open because there is not a lot of insulation. Also in the house there is a pavilion devoted customary as of the king and the royal family.

Dulohupa custom home has a lot of wooden pillars. Besides as an advocate for the shape of a house on stilts, the pillars also have meaning. In the traditional house Dulohupa there are several types of pillars, namely, the main pillar or wolihi amounted to 2 pieces, front pillars amounted to 6 pieces, and the basic pillars or Potu totaling 32 pieces.

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