Mahoni Peak in Limboto Sub-District, Gorontalo Province

Limboto Sub-District is part of Gorontalo Province and this region has a famous tourist attraction called Mahoni Peak. Therefore, everyone should not miss the chance to drop by when visiting Gorontalo later. The location is considered near to the downtown, as well, which besides GORR Street. The prime allure of the site is definitely the natural scenery. Thus, visitors can enjoy both sightseeing and photography to their heart’s content there. Plus, they have the chance to enjoy trekking in order to reach either the viewing posts or the top of the hill. For the information, the locals often call the site “Gardu Pandang Puncak Mahoni”.

The Nuance
Due to popularity, Puncak Mahoni has lots of visitors daily. This explains why the nuance feels merry up there. According to the keepers, in fact, the number of visitors may reach up to 400 people during weekends! Some of these people enjoy trekking and sightseeing while others enjoy photography at available viewing posts. These days, in fact, some beautiful ornaments can be found in some spots. These become a great background for photography, too.

Exploring Mahoni Peak
As mentioned before, the number of visitors is high. Tourists may see lots of people on the site regardless of the time, therefore. Have no worries. Many available spots can be used for sightseeing and relaxation, so visitors don’t need to feel uncomfortable due to the crowd. As for tourist activities, the most popular one is definitely sightseeing. People simply choose their favorite spot for watching panoramas up there. The best spots, in this case, are on the viewing posts! One thing, during the most crowded time, it is likely tourists need to queue in order to use the viewing post.

As time went by, the management even provided more interesting photography spots for tourists. They built some artificial ornaments on available empty land. With all the improvements, in this case, the management has included a small number of fees to the site. That means visitors need to pay the entrance fee first before using any facilities in Mahoni Peak. Have no worries. The fee is quite affordable so everyone can afford it without hassles.

The only disappointment perhaps is the parking area, which is considered unmanaged. No wonder, the lot looks cramped due to poor management. This won’t be an issue though. Tourists only need to avoid visiting the location during weekends or holidays. On regular days, the nuance feels more peaceful due to a lower number of visitors too.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bulalo Limboto Lake
  • Barakati Public Bathing Place
  • Peyapata Hill

How to Get There
For outsiders, it is recommended to take an airplane and head to Gorontalo Province right away. For example, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City to Jalaluddin Airport would take around 3 hours. Later, once tourists arrive at the airport, they should take Trans Sulawesi Street and head to Mahoni Peak directly. The distance is only 12.2 km so this trip may take about 19 minutes at least.

Here is a simpler example. From Gorontalo City, the trip may take longer, which is about 46 minutes. It is because the distance is 22.5 km. As for the best route, tourists should take Batu Doa Street.

Where to Stay

  • Milana Hotel
  • Eljie Hotel

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