Pentadio Resort in Telaga Biru Sub-District, Gorontalo Province

Visiting Gorontalo Province in Sulawesi Island would be a new experience for most tourists. It is because the location is quite far from the capital of Indonesia. Despite the difficulty and long trip, no one would regret visiting it. It is because the region has tons of astonishing natural attractions to explore. Moreover, the local government has built several sophisticated accommodations there, including the famous Pentandio Resort. This one is located in Pentandio Barat Village of Telaga Biru Sub-District, actually. Have no worries. The location is quite near to the downtown. That means tourists can get there easily, especially from the airport.

The Nuance
As people may expect, Pentandio Resort functions mainly as a resting place for both locals and tourists. The location is on the side of the famous Limboto Lake! That means the guests can watch the beautiful lake scenery from their room or cottage. In terms of size, the resort resides on an area of about 14 hectares. It has been there since 1928 and built by the Dutch! With its historical value and satisfying facilities, the resort indeed has gained lots of popularity over time. Here is further information about it.

Exploring Pentadio Resort
Those who visit Pentadio Resort don’t have to rent a room and spend the night there. It is because tourists are allowed to explore the location without staying at the resort. So, what can they do there? As mentioned before, exploration is quite recommended. They can visit several famous sites like Tugu Batu and local hot spring, which are located nearby. Next, they must explore and appreciate all available facilities including the vast parking area and restaurant. For those carrying some money can even enjoy good foods at the restaurant!

Carry some cash is recommended when visiting Pentadio Resort. It is because the location also offers several souvenir stores, offering various types of items and snacks. Thus, tourists must buy some for their families at home! What is more? The next common activity to do is to ride a swan boat and explore Limboto Lake comfortably. As mentioned earlier, the resort resides by the lake. That means tourists can easily do various lake activities during the visit. As an alternative, fishing is considered a good idea!

Next, visitors must not forget to enjoy bathing at available man-made hot spring. They can even choose the freshwater ponds for bathing and swimming! Once again, carrying enough cash is required in order to enjoy all these facilities. For the best experience, in fact, tourists must stay at the resort and enjoy a comfy vacation with their families despite the expenses.

Nearby Attractions

  • Limboto Lake
  • Potanga Public Bathing Place
  • Barakati Public Bathing Place

How to Get There
For outsiders, they can use an airplane in order to reach Gorontalo Province efficiently. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Jalaluddin Airport in Gorontalo may take around 3 hours. Next, after arriving at the airport, tourists can take Trans Sulawesi Street and head to Telaga Biru Sub-District where the resort is located. The distance is 20.8 km. That means this trip would take around 32 minutes or more depending on the traffic. Those coming from Gorontalo City may take longer, though. It is because the distance is 29.4 km so the trip would take about 53 minutes.

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