Wughoyo Beach

This beach is one of the newly opened beaches because previously there was no access road here. Wughoyo Beach is located in Tambakcemandi area, Sidoarjo. Visiting this beach will not bore you. In addition to the unspoiled atmosphere, strong winds that carry the scent of the beach will welcome visitors. Not just visiting, you can do some interesting beach activities like sunbathing, enjoying sunset, beach volleyball, doing yoga, and taking some photos.

Meanwhile, in the beach area, visitors can see several boats that line up and paint in several colors different. The boats prepare to fish, or take visitors around the beach. Of course if you want to ride this boat, you have to spend some rent.

On holidays, this beach gets a lot of local visitors who spend their holidays with family and friends. Especially if the weather is good, it's not too hot nor is it raining, you will be able to enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere here. Besides, you will find many interesting photo spots with beautiful natural backgrounds in this beach, which are often used as prewedding photo backgrounds. Of course you can adjust the right time so that you get good lighting for your photos.

In addition, there are local traditions that often held on this beach. This tradition is something routinely carried out before month of Ramadan coming. The event was held in demonstration party, taking mussels at sea. Interesting right?

Visiting Wughoyo beach requires some preparation from home, including:
=> Make sure you are in top condition
=> Wear comfortable footwear
=> Bring a hat or UV protection glasses
=> Don't forget to use sunblock
=> Prepare the car that you will use
=> Do not pollute the environment
=> Bring food and drink supplies from home

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