Princess Ayu Dewi Sekar Dadu

According to the history, Princess Ayu Dewi Sekar Dadu was a King Blambangan's daughter named Minak Sembuyu, who also known as Sunan Giri’s mother. Princess Ayu Dewi Sekar Dadu died and buried in Kepetingan, Sawahan village, Buduran district. The inhabitant always has pilgrimage this grave on every Nyadran ceremony, which held every Ruwah month in Islam month, which is a week before Ramadhan. Nyadran ceremony is a happy day for the fisherman that live in Balong Dowo village, Candi district, that looking for ‘Kupang’, which is kind of oyster. In this ceremony they go to the ocean by boat and try looking for ‘Kupang’. Hence, Sidoarjo become popular by traditional food of Lontong Kupang.

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