Famous Snacks of Sidoarjo

Who does not know this popular city in East Java, Sidoarjo? The city that famous for its unique and delicious culinary has always been the target of tourists. Just like other cities, Sidoarjo also has its special foods that must be tried. If you stop by Sidoarjo, it feels incomplete if you don't buy typical souvenirs there. There are a number of typical souvenirs in Sidoarjo in demand, even sale to major cities in Indonesia.

Wader Fish Snack
This food is a typical product that very popular and often used as souvenirs of this city. The large number of wader fish in Sidoarjo has made local people more creative in creating food products based on wader fish. They make savory and crispy snacks.

Waders are small fish that usually live in river and sea. In Sidoarjo, local people prefer to process wader fish that live in the sea, because it tastes more delicious. Wader fish are types of small fish from Cyprinidae family. Some species of wader fish that we know are stingray waders (rice lunjar), two-dots waders, and several other types commonly referred to waders only. This fish are often consumed because they have savory taste usually occupy the edges of the sea, lakes and rivers, even clear water ditches.

Sidoarjo fried waders can be directly eaten like crackers and other snacks. Can also combined with sambal and eat with rice. It would be fit if you give this snack as a souvenir for family and friends.

Kue Lumpur Bakar (Grilled Mud Cake)
This food became famous after the Lapindo mud disaster occurred. But please note that this Kue Lumpur (mud cake) already existed even before the Lapindo mud incident occurred. The name of the cake is because this cake has soft and smooth filling texture, so that it will melt and runny in your mouth.

The grilled process makes it as baked mud cake. This cake has two flavors which are just ordinary and some are with coconut flavor. A matter of a better choice, both have the same deliciousness. And now, it is the famous souvenir from Sidoarjo. Almost all tourists always buy this cake because it tastes good.

Ote Ote Porong
Another special Sidoarjo cuisine that tourists always looking for is Ote-ote Porong. Some other areas in Indonesia call Ote-ote as bakwan. While in Sidoarjo, it is Ote-Ote Porong that is often sought after by tourists.

You can get these cake in front of the Lapindo mud embankment, besides on Jl. Raya Porong, Ote-Ote is only sold at R.M Putri Sunda (a restaurant). The size of Ote-Ote Porong is big with a solid filling of seaweed, oysters and chicken or pork. Besides ote-ote, this shop also sells other snacks such as kompyang, bagelen, and fried meatballs.

If you like salty and spicy, then Ote-Porong is very suitable for you. This food is filling because it is made from flour and vegetables. Because of this some people will feel that eating 1 slice of Ote-Ote Porong feels like eating a plate of rice. Interesting right? try it!

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