Smoked Milk Fish

Another Sidoarjo's particular icon is smoked milk fish. The center of this food processed is located in Bulu Sidokare village, Sidoarjo. Here we can see the traditional process of smoked milk fish until the packing process before it runs to the customers. Known as having abundant ponds, milkfish has become a favorite food in Sidoarjo. The milkfish smoked to be ready-to-eat food.

First process, the milkfish must cleaned. Clean its scales and stomach, then soaked in salt water for 2 hours. To reduce the salt content in fish, milkfish must be washed again before pricked with bamboo. The use of bamboo sticks aims to speed up the undercooked process when smoked.

After that, smoke the fish for 3 hours. Make sure the fire only leaves embers, then make smoke. To produce yellow smoke, the sawdust used must be in yellow. After the smoke rises, put the milkfish and cover the furnace. Add sawdust every hour to produce smoke.

Unfortunately, the production and market of these products only exist around Sidoarjo. Milkfish Sidoarjo has a distinctive black color around the dorsal fin, if there are traders who offer fish without that distinctive feature, then it will reject. Moreover, Sidoarjo milkfish has different taste from other milkfish. Therefore, you can identified it carefully before making a decision to buy.

Smoked milk fish is a souvenir when you visiting Sidoarjo. This is famous product belong to Sidoarjo. You must try it. The taste of this milkfish is different from presto milkfish products, the sauce made from combination sauce of soy sauce and shrimp paste.

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