Tanggulangin Center of Bag, Case and Shoe Handicraft.

Tanggulangin is one of Sidoarjo icon as the center area of leather craft industry. Tanggulangin is one of districts in Sidoarjo where most of the population is a small leather craft industry. The leather craft center in Tanggulangin is located on Jl. Kludan Raya Tanggulangin. Various kinds of leather-based needs are produced in this place ranging from sandals, shoes, bags, wallets, luggage, jackets and other leather-based goods.

This area is crowded by many visitors. The most crowd of visitors occurs before the school holidays / national holidays, visitors arrive from various regions in the country, even from foreign countries.

It's easy to reach this one of the leading shopping destination in East Java, because it is located on the Malang-Sidoarjo highway and a few meters from the Malang-Surabaya highway (via the toll road). It is about 20 km if from Juanda International Airport.

Especially if you want to see Lapindo Mud in Porong, then you will regret if you don't stop at Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center, because it is located only about 100 meters from Lapindo mud tour.

When you come to the small industrial area of Tanggulangin, you will welcomed by many shophouses that neatly lined up on the right or left side of the road. Fashion hunters, this area also full of shops with fashionable designs, of course, with many updated patterns that you can usually see in their display.

The range of products offered has competitive prices in each stores and mostly inexpensive. Even though the price is cheap, but for the quality not to be underestimated, the products of Tanggulangin leather craftsmen have been known for their good quality and durability products.

If you are a visitor from outside Sidoarjo City who wants to visit the Tanggulangin Leather Craft Shopping Center, you don't need to worry if you want to stay a few days in this 'Shrimp City'. Some hotels in Sidoarjo offer services at very affordable prices.

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