Salted Egg

Salted eggs are one of processed eggs always prefered by many people in Indonesia. Because of that, salted eggs are sold in food stalls, markets, and even supermarkets. Salted eggs are one source of protein that is easy to find and inexpensive. Moreover, these eggs do not rot easily and more durable than raw eggs.

Kebonsari Village, Candi District, Sidoarjo, is a breeding place of ducks and salted eggs. Starting in 1992, 30 residents owned duck farms, each with 40,000 or 50,000 ducks. They breed to produce thousands of kilograms of eggs that ready to be salted and sold to almost all food stalls in Indonesia. Kebonsari breeders products have best quality and taste, have Omega 3 nutrient which signed by its reddish looks.

However, to obtain the egg quality result, it requires expert staffs and require more cost. Moreover, the breeder should provide good nutrition to provide appropriate nutrient.

The products available is raw egg, hard-boiled egg and flavor egg. Fortunately, the flavor eggs is not yet available for market because the expired due date is just for one week. That make the producers limiting the production before any order required.

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