Delta Fishing

Being one of the family tours spot that very popular in Sidoarjo, Delta Fishing is not only just an ordinary pond that can only be enjoyed by fisherman, but in Delta fishing you can invite families to enjoy the fun vacation.

Family tourism at Sidoarjo Delta Fishing Camp is packaged as an integrated nature tour with a variety of exciting activities with your children and friends. Enthusiastic visitors who come to Delta Fishing Sidarjo are very crowded especially during the holiday season.

Delta Fishing Sidarjo has managed very neatly with beautiful view, when you arrive at the hits tourist site in Sidaorjo. You will meet a wide fishing ponds neatly arranged and each pond contains various types fish: catfish, tilapia, tombro, tilapia, pomfret etc.

Delta Fishing Sidarjo fishing pond was originally opened in 2012 as a tourist spot that is not only intended for those who like fishing but can be as a recreational place for families. The management seems understand very well how to advance this tourist spot by presenting various game areas besides fishing area. This place used to be a family tour destination because it has a roof that make it shady. While the upper floor is used as a place for some women visitors and child protection.

Those who like fishing certainly understand that fishing is not just getting a lot of fish but as a place to relax from a tired routine. Delta Fishing Sidarjo provides several fishing ponds that have a lot of fish species, here also directly provided fishing equipment, so you only come to pay the entrance ticket. No need bring any fishing equipment from home.

If only fishing, of course your other family who do not like to fishing will get bored. But do not worry, Delta Fishing Sidarjo has a swimming pool facility, so children can swim here. There also outbound activities with various kinds games such as flying fox, riding a bicycle around tourist sites. This outbound tour can be carried out together with your family members which will certainly be more exciting.

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