Pura Jala Siddhi Amertha

So many ways that visitors or particular religious community can do to enjoy a beauty as well as inner peace. All that we can get when we visit a sacred building whether it is a mosque, church, temple or even a temple.

Pura Jala Siddhi Amertha (Hindu's temple), located in Juanda, Sidoarjo. Like the Hindu holy buildings in other places, this temple also looks very big and beautiful. No less than the beautiful temples on the famous island of Bali. This temple is about 2 kilometers from Juanda International Airport, Sidoarjo. Along Juanda, visitors will find food stalls and booths selling ornamental plants with various equipment. There is also a batik gallery and various souvenirs of East Java. From the direction of Surabaya, the location of the temple is to the right of Jalan Raya Juanda.

Before meet the temple site, visitors will find a Church building which settled next to this temple. There is a big signboard on the side of Jalan Juanda, so visitors don't need to worry about getting lost if they visit this place.

Both visitors or Hindus who want to pray into the temple should wear a "yellow shawl". This is a ritual rule before entering the Siddhi Amerta Temple. But once the use of the yellow shawl also means a homage to Sang Hyang Widhi. Or there are other opinions that say as a method of respecting someone higher (king).

Before entering the temple, Hindus or visitors will sprinkled holy water on their heads by stakeholders or worship leaders. This is intended so that people or visitors have clean minds and focus on their original intentions.

After praying out of the temple, Hindus were also sprinkled with holy water three times. First the holy water is sprinkled on the head which means returning from praying that the hearts and minds of the people become holy. Then the holy water is drunk which means that all the words or speech of the people should later become holy and finally the holy water is applied to the face which means that all the actions or behavior of the people in the community will become clean.

The management of Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple also provides an opportunity for all people who want to rent this Hindu place of worship for other purposes such as wedding receptions, parties and other art performance events.

The agenda of Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple is very crowded. In this temple also stands the Truna-Truni Organization, which is a youth organization formed along with the establishment of this temple building.

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