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Tanggulangin Leather Industry - Sidoarjo

Tanggulangin Leather Industry

Tanggulangin leather industry, is an industrial for bags, luggage and products related and become an icon for Tanggulangin district. This industrial was begin in 1939, when some craftsmen started making bags and suitcase stuffs. And in 1976 it was established the Bags and Luggage Cooperative Industrial (Intako), which was initially consisted of only 27 people.

The venture capital is obtained from members’ savings. On its way, the cooperative continued to grow and the members has reached 354 crafters of Small and Medium Enteprises with the assets about Rp 10 billion.

Unfortunately, after the Lapindo mudflow it almost 70 percent of crafters in Tanggulangin already bankrupt. Some of them who still survive are only work for orders.

Tanggulangin bags and suitcases manufacture is one of the tourism icons in Sidoarjo. The products include bags, briefcases, wallets, belts and shoes. The products are having good quality that has been recognized by consumers.

Tanggulangin leather industry is having the same concept like in Cibaduyut leather industry in West Java. The area is full of leather fashion stores that offer some particular design into the display wall. Hence, the customers will enjoy their window shopping before entering the chosen store. On each stores, the products are having competitive price among others and having the same quality in design or pattern.

Formerly, Tanggulangin leather industry tends to produce luggage, but at the time goes by the bags productions are dominating the whole productions. It happens because the main potential buyers are women, who tend to look for the beauty fashion bags and clutch for their own.

Today, Tanggulangin leather industry is still exist to show their capability to produce more and more products to their consumers that give trust to them. Hopefully, by the existing of those craftmens will bring the proper and better living for Sidoarjo people.

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