Shrimp Crackers

As the biggest shrimp producer, it is reasonable that Sidoarjo has many foods processed based on shrimp. Those food processed usually use the small shrimp or shrimp finely ground. One processed food that uses shrimp as basic ingredient is crackers. Sidoarjo crackers have become a famous souvenir that often brought by visitors.

Its savory taste and flavorful shrimp is very suitable for side dish and snacks. Sidoarjo crackers, as people call it, are very popular as snacks or souvenirs. But not only shrimp crackers, this city has various types of crackers. There are kupang crackers, onion crackers, non-oil crackers, and several other types of crackers. In a way, Sidoarjo is the paradise of crackers, especially those made from fish.

This special Sidoarjo cracker made from shrimp and tapioca flour mixture which finely ground, add spices and flavor enhancers. The raw dough steamed until cooked and chewy, then sliced thinly, and dried in the sun to maximal dry. Drying with the sun usually took 2-3 days.

Although shrimp crackers are small, but nutritious. It has selenium content which is able to prevent cancer and increase endurance, a protein content that is able to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. Then the vitamin B12, a nutrient supporting the production of red blood cells, which can help prevent anemia. Shrimp, which is Crustaceans, contain phosphorus, rich in iron as an important nutrient in energy formation.

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