Masjid Agung / The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Sidoarjo is the largest mosque in East Java. Located on Jalan Sultan Agung, across from the entrance of Sidoarjo town square, next to the regional government building and the police station. This mosque has three floors and several large pillars with marble floors.

The Great Mosque of Sidoarjo is like a home for those who want to stop and worship. Both in the court and in the mosque, have calm and breezy atmosphere, so as to make a comfortable prayer or visitors who are just taking off tired before they back to their activity.

From the marble stele in the courtyard of the Mosque, the construction of Sidoarjo Great Mosque began on Friday Kliwon 26 Suro 1313 Hijriyah or 1825 Javanese year or 19 July 1895. The establishment of Sidoarjo Great Mosque began with the initiative of Sidoaarjo regent R. Adipati Pandji Tjondronegoro who served from 1882 to 1905.

In the area behind the Great Mosque of Sidoarjo there is also Tjondronegoro's family tomb complex. Various activities have been held at the Great Mosque of Sidoarjo, such as mass marriages, public markets and various other useful activities

For accommodation to Sidoarjo Great Mosque, is very easy to reach, because it is located right in the heart of Sidoarjo city. You can reach this place by taxi, or private car.

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