Kepetingan Beach

Sidoarjo, even though its name not famous as its neighbour Surabaya city, turns out to save some interesting tour places. Located in the East Ring Area of Sidoarjo, which is currently growing into an industrial and warehousing area. Kepetingan beach is precisely located in Kepetingan Village, Sawohan Village, Buduran Sidoarjo District, which is quite isolated. It is not easy for visitors to reach the location, especially in the rainy season. Loose and narrow road will make you tired, moreover in rainy season, the road will muddy and slippery.

People know Sidoarjo as a suitable place to shop bags or wallets, but not many people know that Sidoarjo also has a charming and attractive beach. During the school holiday season or Eid, this beach is often a recreation place for local people to just spend time with their spouse, family or friends. Although it location in isolated area and far from the city, this does not make tourists give up on visiting. The view of the beach and the sea water along with the sensation of the beach breeze makes visitors feel more comfortable to stay longer.

Visiting a beach is something fun to do and you should not forget to bring a camera and don't ever missed the exciting moments on you're vacation. In Kepetingan Beach you can filled your photo desire because there are many interesting spots that you can take, such as spots in front of the rocks, the exotic scenery will make your photos more interesting. You can also captured your fun beach doing, such as when you play volleyball, snorkeling or when holding a campfire. Want a more beautiful view? Just wait 'till afternoon, when the sun begins to move to its resting place, you can see the beautiful orange sky combined with the blue sea water that can make you chuckle in awe.

To go to this beach can be reached by using two-wheeled vehicle or boat. If you choose to use the land route, you can see pond embankments along the way. But if you choose to cross the river, boats have been provided and can be rented at affordable prices, and tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the mangrove forest.

Kepetingan Beach available for 24 hours for tourists who want to visit, and no need pay an entrance ticket, only need to pay parking ticket fee for your car.

Tips to go to Kepetingan Beach
=> Make sure you are in top condition
=> Wear comfortable footwear
=> Bring a hat or UV protection glasses
=> Don't forget to use sunblock
=> Prepare the car that you will use
=> Do not pollute the environment
=> Bring food and drink supplies from home

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