Lusi Island

Lusi Island, The Beauty in East Sidoarjo
East Java always has beautiful nature destinations. Sidoarjo is one of the interesting destinations when you travel to East Java. Perhaps what has been widely known is Lapindo Mud Tours. When passing the main road Surabaya-Malang, then this location is the center of attention.

After all this time Lapindo mud was dumped into Porong river area, then it creates something beautiful, an island on the east coast of Sidoarjo city. It is called as Sarinah Island then changed to Lusi Island. It is an area with thick expanse of mud formed like an island. Many sandbags have been placed on the edge so that the mud from the estuary sucked up from Lapindo does not return to the river. However, the sunrise here is no less beautiful than Kuta Beach and Sanur.

There are no many people know that Sidoarjo has its own island, Lusi Island. Lusi Island (Sidoarjo mud) has been named as the 2nd Most Popular Tourist Destination in Indonesia after the Kuala Langsa Mangrove Forest Park in Aceh Langsa, at the 2019 Indonesia Enchantment Award (API) Award. While Sarinah Island is a name commonly used by fishermen and Tlocor local people. But the government declared the island named Lusi Island. So you can use both name when you ask the place to local people.

It has wonderful view in the morning, when the sun begins to rise. The exact location of Lusi Island is on the east side of Sidoarjo. But many people more known as Tlocor Maritime spot which easy to find on maps. Just type, and navigate the location on google maps. Well, from this location to go to Lusi island requires a special boat. Enjoying the expanse of sea water with a beautiful view is an opening before meeting the beauty of the island.

The journey is indeed need quite time. After crossing the Porong Bridge, you must turn left or head east then continue the journey for about 15 kilometers until you reach the Tlocor dock. From Tlocor dock, you can board a boat that you can rented from local fishermen.

Some stock that visitors can bring is a bottle of water during the trip. At Lusi Island, you will find many mangrove trees that make this island beautiful. It is about 80 hectares. The atmosphere is comfortable to visit with family.

Besides Lusi Island, there are also several islands that can be visited, such as Pitu Island. Although there are no residents, the area is quite interesting to visit. On the sidelines of fishing, visitors usually rest in the area.

Tips on visiting Lusi Island:
First, make sure your body in fit condition. Next, don't forget to bring supplies such as snacks and drinking water. There almost no food court along the way to the crossing location.

Don't forget to check your car's fuel supply. Don't run out because it is difficult to find refueling stations in the area.

Finally, the best time to visit Lusi Island is early morning or late afternoon. If you come in the afternoon, you will feel the heat of the sun in Sidoarjo. But also do not visit too late, because the streets around it are very quiet and far from people's homes.

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