Alas Outbound Prambon

Alas Prambon Tourism is an outbound and educational place in Sidoarjo which is located in Simpang Village, Prambon. This place is indeed far from the city of Sidoarjo. Even though, this place is busy every day. There are lots of trees there, so the air always cool. Alas Prambon Tourism has lots of fun and educational games for children, such as farming, harvesting fruits and vegetables, animal husbandry, fishing, etc. The most favorite game is spider webs and fishing. Not only for outbond, this place also has a good spot for taking pictures.

Alas Prambon Tourism has surrounded by rice fields and far from city pollution, so the air is cool. Very comfortable to exercise and play. There is also outbound trainer team that accompanies and directs the participants. The trainer team usually starts with warm up and a fun game to get rid of the boredom after participants trip. After warming up, the participants come out to play the game.

One of the favorite games here is Spider Web. This game is for a group. All participants must move from one side to the other side of the giant spider web with other friends help. The benefits of this game are for mental training so that it is not easy to give, they are looking for solutions and all the abilities and resources they have.

Beside as a mental and courage training tour, there are also educational tours for kindergarten students. It is hoped that participants will like to consume vegetables and fish at home to increase their nutritional intake by instilling a fun in picking vegetables and catching fish. This place is also a good place to take pictures. There are many umbrellas on the road. So when you walk, it won't be too hot. That bring the beautiful impression.

You can go there by motorcycle or car. There is no public transportation passing this place. Moreover, directly to the location. If you go from Sidoarjo, you can pass through Tanggulangin. And if you are from Malang, you can pass Mojosari.

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