Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

Oyster mushroom business is promising. Beside the raw mushrooms and the seeds, mushrooms processed food sales are also promising. Mushroom is known for it delicious and can be processed into various dishes. At first glance, the meat tastes like chicken. Mushrooms are very popular vegetarian because it considered as the substitute of meat.

Mushrooms, is an easy-to-cook material that can be added into some foods. Moreover, there are various kind of foods that can be produce by using mushroom like, dodol or kind of sweet sticky cake, mushroom crackers or botok. Botok is kind of traditional food which wrapped in banana leaves.

Settled in Wadungasih village, Buduran sub-district, City of Sidoarjo, East Java, the cultivation of Oyster mushroom or being known as King Oyster Mushroom. There are 33 mushroom farmers in this village which each of them gain Rp. 3.000.000 for minimum income.

This cultivation become an industrial since 2003. To pursue the cultivation is not too difficult. We can put the mushroom spores into a plastic bag that is filled with sawdust. This bag is then stored in a rack at the shelter mushroom, it called “Kombong Jamur.” After 35 days, it can be harvested.

Among 3,700 packs of mushroom spores, it can be harvested at least five kilos per day. In appropriate weather conditions such as the rainy season, the harvest can be increase to 15 kilograms per day with a price of Rp 12,000 per kilogram.

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