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Sidoarjo Regency is a regency in East Java. This regency holds a million of amazing and hidden natural charms and panaromas, so there are still many people who do not know about the beauty and cool places in Sidoarjo. Sidoarjo has many cool tourist spots, from cultural sites, historic sites, photo spots, to beautiful islands and beaches. Sidoarjo has known as Delta City because it is flanked by two large rivers, Kali Mas and Kali Porong.

If you have a plan to visit Sidoarjo, don't worry about tour places, this regency offers a lot of tour choices for you to visit. So far, Sidoarjo has rarely been heard by tourists, but in fact the Regency also has many cool tourist destinations that no less satisfying to tourism in Semarang, Jogja or other big cities.

Furthermore, for transportation, Sidoarjo provides convenience. Visitors only need a few minutes drive from Juanda airport and the bus terminal. For taxi facilities, visitors can choose between online taxi or taxi ready in the airport and terminal area.

History of Sidoarjo
Since 1851, Sidoarjo was known as Sidokare. It was one of Surabaya’s area and led by a regent named R. NG. Djoyohardjo. In 1859, Sidokare had separated with Surabaya and become its own regency. Then in couple month, Sidokare had change become Sidoarjo.

Sidoarjo recognized for its sea products like milkfish, prawn, crab, cockle mussel, etc. Sidoarjo produces many kinds of foods with fish as the main production. The typical of fish cuisine are easy to find in Sidoarjo, for example; milkfish smoke, a nice food at Mojopahit Street, Sidoarjo. Beside that the tourists also can enjoy another cuisine like, milkfish presto, otak-otak milkfish, lontong mussel, condiment of the fermented prawn, prawn crisply, mussel crisply, etc.

Some village in Sidoarjo also produce ‘Batik’ painter, such as; Jetis village, Sekardangan village, and Kenongo village. The pattern and motif Batik of cloth Sidoarjo are captivating on the market. Usually, it sell with systems at retail or grocery, so that the tourist is easily get the quality goods.

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