Taluk Kuantan

From Pekanbaru about 170 km south to Taluk Kuantan, crossing the equator just after Lipat Kain. Before reaching Taluk Kuantan, the road crosses Logas region, once a gold mining area. During the Second World War, the Japanese established here a camp where many Dutch people were imprisoned and exploited by forcing them to work in the mines.

Taluk Kuantan lies at the upstream part (Hilir) of Indragiri River. In the early years, this river was used to carry the gold, which was mined in West Sumatra, to the east coast of Sumatra.

Taluk Kuantan is the centre of Pacu Jalur, a traditional boat race held every year in remembrance Indonesia's independence day on the 17th of August. More than 100 teams from all over Riau province join the race. Each team rows their line, a long and slender boat that carries 50 to 60 people, along a track setout on Indragiri River. The races start on Wednesday in the third or fourth week of August. The boats gather upstream and race to each other two by two. The winner makes the next round. The final is held on Sunday.

Pacu Jalur is full with mystic and tradition, which already starts with picking out a tree with a circumference of 4 to 5 meters for the Jalur, up to the moment, the Jalur is launched into the water.

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