Pekanbaru is one of Indonesia city, a capital for Riau province on the island of Sumatra. As it mentioned before that Pekanbaru is the busy strait for trading port and become the gateway from Indonesia to Singapore. The name of Pekanbaru is referred from Indonesia language of new market or pekan baru.

Pekanbaru has slogan for the city of Bertuah or be fortunate. In other side, Bertuah is a abbreviation of Bersih, Tertib, Usaha Bersama, Aman dan Harmonis or it means as Clean, Orderly, Mutual Assistance, Safe and Harmony.

At early begin, Pekanbaru was known as Senapelan, which is lead by a man named Batin. At first, the region was just a field which gradually turned into a regional settlement.

The native population in Pekanbaru are Riau Malay people that their dominance in most coastal areas and in other regions. Pekanbaru is also inhabited by foreigners, such as the Minangkabau, Melayu Riau (from Riau), Javanese, Batak, Tionghoa, and other tribes.

Riau in general is not like any other province like Bali, which has some attractive destinations, but surely they have some of attraction places that worth to be visited. Especially in Pekanbaru there are some places for recreation or finding the historical site about Pekanbaru. For instance; Pekanbaru Great Mosque, the grave of Marhum Bukit and the grave of Marhum Pekan, Idrus Tintin art gallery, Balai Adat Melayu, Sang Nila Utama Museum, artificial lake tourism, Alam Mayang and tourism market.

While on Riau tourism, in general, they have; Solop beach, Bukit Berbunga or flower hill, Pulau Burung or Bird Island, Taga Raja Guntung lake, Pekan Arba, Kerumutan protected forest, Kuala kempar agroniaga attraction and meranti bay. Napangga Lake, Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, Tilan sland, Bukit tiga puluh national park, and there are some more natural resources that become a natural tourism in Riau.

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