Rimbo Terantang

Rimbo Terantang tourism forest is located in Padang Lawas village. This tourism is having marvelous nature tourism between the genuine forest and it has exotic flora. This tourism object is officially becomes the research area for nature phenomenon for both flora and fauna.

This type of tourism for this forest is adventurous tourism; the visitors who come to this place are those who seek for adventure need while enjoy the fresh atmosphere, chilling situation and great sightseeing.

Rimbo Terantang is an international tourist destination forest with virgin and exotic flora and fauna. Rimbo Terantang is suitable for your visit adventure who loves to explore the forest with its lines that challenge.

At this forest, there is a waterfall named Alahan where you can try the sport rapling (down the mountain) challenge that provided in the waterfall.

As mentioned earlier, Rimbo Terantang is like a home for diverse exotic flora and fauna. It also makes Rimbo Terantang as forest research for flora and fauna’s experts from around the world.

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