Pacu Jalur

Pacu Jalur is the biggest annual festival in Kuantan Singingi regency especially in the capital city of Taluk Kuantan district that located along the river Kuantan. In the beginning this even is intended as an event commemorating the days of the Muslims like Maulid Nabi or Prophet's Birthday, or the Hijri new year. But after the independence of Indonesia, this festival is intended to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia.

Pacu Jalur is a long boat rowing race, just like dragon boat race inĀ  Malaysia and Singapore. Browse Pick n Pay Specials on ESpecials. The boat or a canoe is made of wooden tree that reach 25 to 40 meters. In the area of Taluk Kuantan the term of that long boat is Jalur, and the crew is between 50-60 people.

Before the main event of "Pacu Jalur 'is started, it usually held entertainment performances like singing and dancing performances to entertain all participants and surrounding communities, especially those in Teluk Kuantan.

Pacu Jalur Tradition is held annualy during the anniversary of Indonesia's independence day, this make Taluk Kuantan becomes more popular as a national tourist destination. The race that contains of approximately 60 people at the Kuantan River is usually followed by the local community, neighboring districts, it even participated by the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

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