Pasar Bawah

Visiting Pekanbaru is also about visiting and shopping at Pasar Bawah. Those who visit to Pekanbaru is always have schedule to go to Pasar Bawah, the oldest market at Pekanbaru city, that located between the edge of Siak river and the harbor.

The market that settled in the norhern side of Pekanbaru is the place to sell antique goods, home decoration and more, which has local or international quality.

Moreover, this modern market is also popular by the second-hand electronic goods from abroad. There are types of electronic things that sell in this market like, TV, home theater and IT stuff. Those who love antique can found it here like imported ceramic from China, Middle East rug, Italian hand bag, vas and sclupture.

After having electronic and antique, we can also enjoy tons of traditional foods at this market. There are types of Riau traditional signature dishes, snacks and cakes are availables here. Among the popular food that been known, we can found Lempok Durian, the sticky durian cake and others like Salai fish, salted fish and many more.

Other products from Riau like Riau Batik, Weaving clothes and Malay traditional clothes is also available and it can be one of hand-carries during the visit in Riau.

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