Siak Sri Indrapura

Siak is a district in Riau Province which was once the center of Islamic sultanates in Riau that was Siak Sri Indrapura. Any greatness heritage is still visible in many corners of the city. Its long history has left wonderful and proud legacy of Malay civilization for Indonesia.

Siak today is increasingly attracted by many tourists where there are many historic buildings remaining from the rest of the Sultanate of Siak Sri Indrapura to the heritage buildings from Dutch colonialization.

Numbers of popular sited that mostly visited by tourists is Siak Palace, the Sultan Mosque, Marhum Buantan Tomb, High Density Hall, Danau Pulau Besar, River Tourism and Agro Tourism, Sultan Syarif Qasyim Forest Park, Pompa Anggrek Monument and Kato Ships. By having the variety of those herigates, it makes Siak City become one of the historical tourism sites that cannot be missed while visiting Riau.

There are various meanings of the word siak, some say it comes from the plant that grow in this area, namely that siak-siak. The word Siak Sri Indrapura in Sanskrit is derived from the word sri (glowing), sensory (king), and pura (city or kingdom), it literally means as a devout city kingdom. Siak was originally an area of Bengkalis which later changed its status to be a Siak su-district. Then, in 1999 it was transformed into Siak regency, where Siak Sri Indrapura is the capital city. Siak is known as a producer of oil with the best standards in Indonesia. This Petroleum Mine is located in the district of Siak River and Sungai Apit and Minas that managed by PT. Chevron and PT. Kondur Petroleum SA. Siak city has the feel of a quiet, clean, and friendly people. One of the city's newest icons is Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah Bridge.

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