Soeman HS Library

Soeman HS Library is a library and national archive in Pekanbaru, Riau Province. The library was built by the government of Riau with six floors. The library has a number of facilities including an auditorium, cubicles of Malay culture, an atrium, meeting room, Internet room, small mosque, café, cafeteria and Energy Corner (Chevron Library).

The Library Soeman HS also keeps a number of works of literature related to Malay culture, that stored in a special room known as the Malay Chambers.

In 2008, Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla came to review and inaugurated the Soeman HS Library .

The building of Soeman Library has a magnificent architecture with a model and a unique design. The model of the library at a glance is shaped like an open book, but the actual design was inspired by Rehal or pedestal where reading the Quran. According to the the architect, Dr. Sudarto, the shape of the roof is like Rehal that remind people to always learn by reading as the command of God.

In addition to being a reading room, the library is a public space for the community. There are events that usualy held at this place and this building is also becomes one of tourism potential in Pekanbaru.

The elements of Malay cultural cannot be separated from this building design. The high pillars or columns that supported the roof is shaped architecture inspired by the concept of a traditional Malay house.

This library has number of facilities, among others:

  • Auditorium
  • Malay culture chamber
  • Atrium
  • Meeting room
  • Internet space
  • Praying room
  • Café
  • Canteen
  • Energy Corner (Chevron Library)

The name of the library is inspired by the name of Riau poet, Tapanuli descendant, namely Soeman Hs. Today, Soeman library is now becomes the new iconic landmarks and tourism in Pekanbaru. During the days, this place can be visited by up to 1,000 people both from local and from outside the region.

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