Riau Fantasy

Riau Fantasy is the largest and the most comprehensive leisure parks in Sumatra, precisely in Pekanbaru. This tourism site is also known as Labersa Water and this theme Park has an area of approximately 6.5 hectares. This Riau Fantasy is divided into wet and dry rides, and it suitable for family holidays or those who want to have so much fun at water.

At the water ride, there are several types of pools and water slides, for example, boards Adventure Pool. In this pool,  there are several towers that connected by shaking bridges. There is also a hanging giant bucket which can accommodate 3,000 liters of water and is ready to flushed when fully charged. In addition, there is an adult pool with a depth of 1.5 meters and a children's pool with a depth of 30 cm, and it fitted by shower to play.

For the dry rides, there are a variety of games that will drive your adrenaline like kora-kora, sky tower, wave blaster, speedy coaster and family swinger. If you want more relaxed game, you can try the carousel and train tours. Morover, there are also facilities for public space like mosque, toilets and cafeteria in a gazebo and free WiFi.

Riau Fantasy is located in Jalan Labersa, for about 45 minutes from downtown Pekanbaru. To be able to enjoy the rides there, you have to pay 60,000 Rupiah at Monday - Friday and 70,000 rupiah on Saturday - Sunday.

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